Programming the FEA - Part I & II

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  • Batch B started on 2nd November, 2019. Batch B is purely for students of LUH Hannover (Germany)
  • Batch A started on 8th October, 2019
  • Contact information has been updated
  • Registration is open!

Course information

This course is aimed at 3rd year bachelor students and beyond. The course provides a glimpse of how finite element softwares work by involving the students in it’s programming. This is particularly important for both (a) those who want to do an MS / PhD in computational mechanics or related areas (b) those who want to just use the FEA software. Most often FEA software lead to errors (like lack of convergence, residual is infinity, mesh distortions etc.) and without knowledge of the background information, it is generally hard to find a good solution. The programming for this course will be done using Matlab. The students will start from a blank sheet to code a linear FEA code (in Part - I) and a nonlinear FEA code (in Part - II).

Detailed course information


Who is this course for?

This course is suitable for both students (final year bachelor onward) and industry professionals who are interested in modeling using Finite Element Method.

Pre-requisites for this course

The participant is expected to have a basic knowledge of strength of materials, continuum mechanics and heat transfer. A working knowledge about Matlab or C++ is a bonus.

Location & dates

Location: Online. Class code will be send to registered participants.
Dates: From 8th October, 2019 (Batch A); From 2nd November, 2019 (Batch B); Beginning soon (Batch C)

Course Instructor

Dr. Ajay B Harish is a group leader in Nanomechanics & Nanotribology at Institute of Continuum Mechanics. He bring over a decade of experience of working in the area of finite element methods and its application to academic and industry relevant problems.
Phone: +49-51176217573

Other information

  • Other course information
    • Sessions for Batch A are on Saturdays between 2 - 4pm (India time)
      Sessions for Batch B (LUH Hannover) are on Sundays between 12 noon - 2pm (German time)
    • Online support is as part of a group & not individually
    • Please note that this session is purely to clear doubts about this course

How to register?

Please complete the below registration form at:

Course Logistics (How does the course work?)

  1. All participants (online & offline) will have access to course content through a registered portal
  2. The course portal requires a Gmail address to access it
  3. Video lectures & course material will be made available through the portal
  4. Each video lecture will involve direct coding. So the participants can code as shown in the video to create working codes from that lecture
  5. Assignments and one final exam will be provided individually to the candidates as soon as they finish the requisite lectures. These would all be open-book exams.
  6. Final exam will be a project that needs to be completed
  7. All participants who complete will be given a final certificate on the letterhead of Dr. Ajay B Harish
  8. Group sessions will be made available for clearing doubts on a weekly basis

Frequently asked questions

A detailed list of FAQ derived from questions asked by present participants can be found at


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  • Jacob Fish and Ted Belytschko, "A First Course in Finite Elements," John Wiley and Sons Ltd.
  • Peter Wriggers, "Nonlinear Finite Element Methods," Springer-Verlag
  • Joze Korelc and Peter Wriggers, "Automation of Finite Element Methods," Springer-Verlag
  • Peter Wriggers, "Computational Contact Mechanics," Springer-Verlag
  • More references will be added during the course
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