Feb 14 2022

I would like to welcome the new members of our team! Check out our updated team page.

Jan 30 2022

Check out an available Ph.D. vacancy in my lab. The project aims to develop novel Deep Learning techniques for fluid-structure interaction problems related to hydrodynamics.

Jan 17 2022

I have officially started as a Lecturer at the University of Manchester (UK)

Sep 10 2021

I would like to welcome the four students (Maxwell, Michelle, Michael and, Rohil (L-R)) into the data discovery program. They would be working on data-driven methods for predictive modeling of storm-surges for the East and Gulf coast of the continental US.

Jul 25-29 2021

My work was highlighted in the Plenary lecture of Prof. Robert L Taylor during the 16th US National Congress on Computational Mechanics (USNCCM) during 25 - 29 July (2021).

Jul 28-29 2021

Just finished the two-day tool training for the HydroUQ software. The materials will be available for download soon.

Jul 22th 2021

Paper on multiphysics modeling of hydrogels titled "Constitutive modeling of pH-sensitive hydrogel: Multi-physics coupling of electromagnetics with mechanics and thermodynamics" accepted for publication in Mechanics of Materials.

Apr 30th 2021

I am excited to announce the launch of the v1.0 of my software Hydro-UQ. Hydro-UQ provides a user-friendly graphical interface tool that enables researchers to assess the performance of a building subjected to loading due to tsunami and storm surge hazards. Hydro-UQ advances the capabilities of the natural hazards engineering community by coupling the 2D shallow water equation solvers to the 3D Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) solvers for near-shore and wave runup simulations. I also partnered closely with the NHERI Coastal Wave/Surge and Tsunami Experimental Facility located at Oregon State University to develop a digital twin of their wave flume at the O.H. Hinsdale Wave Research Laboratory. The current release of the Hydro-UQ Application facilitates the design of experiments at this facility and others through easily configurable geometric boundaries.

You can find the source code on Github / Zenodo. You can also download the installer from the SimCenter webpage.

Apr 29th 2021

Check out my upcoming webinar on May 3rd (2021) at Mechanical Engineering in IIT Kanpur. I will be talking about my work on Contact Mechanics.

Apr 28th 2021

Check my recent paper Mathematics of Stable Tensegrity Structures. The pre-print of the paper is available on arXiv and under review at the Journal of Theoretical, Computational and Applied Mechanics.

Mar 28th 2021

Just gave my talk in the EASF Forum during the Episode 11 of Season 3!

Jan 01st 2021

Check my recent paper Automated 3D solid reconstruction from 2D CAD using OpenCV pre-print on arXiv

Dec 04th 2020

I have been selected as a reviewer and evaluator for the SMART scholarship program of the Department of Defense (DoD)

Dec 02nd 2020

I will be attending the CISM school on Advanced Topics in Computational Mechanics to be held on 07-10 Dec 2020. I am very excited about it!

Dec 02nd 2020

I have contributed to three chapters in the technical report on tsunami, storm-surge, and CFD for water in the State-of-Art Report in Computational Modeling and Simulation (2021)

Dec 01st 2020

Paper on soft materials titled "Usability of finite elements based on an absolute nodal coordinate formulation for deformation analysis of the Achilles tendon" accepted for publication in International Journal of Non-linear Mechanics.

Nov 30th 2020

Check out my upcoming book chapter titled "A Poroelastic Element for FEAP Using AceGen" in the Current Trends and Open Problems in Computational Mechanics, Springer (2021). The book chapter is a dedication to Prof. Peter Wriggers for his 70th birthday Festschrift. The codes are available for download on Github.

Sep 30th 2020

Educational application "CFD Notebooks" aimed at senior undergraduate and graduate students who intend to learn OpenFOAM released. Check out and download from our SimCenter website.

Sep 30th 2020

My paper on self-contact and titled "A study of contact methods in the application of large deformation dynamics in self-contact beam" has been accepted for publication in Nonlinear Dynamics.

Aug 31st 2020

My paper on beam contact titled "Procedure for non-smooth contact for planar flexible beams with cone complementarity problem" has been accepted for publication in Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part K: Journal of Multi-body Dynamics.

Aug 31st 2020

Ajay B Harish starts as a Lecturer in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at UC Berkeley. He will be teaching the course "CE126: Engineering Dynamics and Vibrations" in Fall 2020.

Aug 31st 2020

The beta version of my software for modeling coastal hazards, i.e. the Hydro-UQ application is now available for test users

Jan 13th 2020

Ajay B Harish joins SimCenter at UC Berkeley as a Post-doc. Check out my work on SimCenter Website.

Jan 13th 2020

Ajay B Harish joins SimCenter at UC Berkeley as a Post-doc. Check out my work on SimCenter Website.

Jan 01st 2020

My paper on the constitutive modeling of soft tissues titled "A finite element for soft tissue deformation based on the absolute nodal coordinate formulation" has been accepted for publication in Acta Mechanica.