I am always looking for students interested in my research but this is always contingent upon funding. Most often positions are only available in areas where funding is available. Alternatively, if you are at a university where I am collaborating, then please feel free to contact my collaborator. Feel free to look through the research page for more information on my work.

If you are already enrolled at UC Berkeley as a Masters’ student, send me an email with your CV and interests. If you are enrolled in an undergraduate program and a US citizen or permanent resident, I can strongly recommend the NHERI REU program for summer internships.


Master students

Shengming Tang, May 2019

Xingguo Chen, Feb 2019

Xiaoyu Meng, Feb 2019

Hamza Sellami, Feb 2019

Sara Chavvaro, Dec 2018

Yogesh Chodvadiya, Dec 2018

Nikunj Adroja, Dec 2018

Bachelor Students

Shengming Tang, May 2017

Mathias Haverstreng, May 2017


Manan Gupta

Vaishali Ravishankar

Shubham Deshpande, Summer 2019

Harini Dandu, Summer 2019

Abhishek, Summer 2019

Stephanie Andress, Summer 2017

Aarohi B Shah, Summer 2016