Engineering Simulation and Data Science

Research goals and vision

Welcome to the Engineering Simulation and Data Science (ESDS) Lab lead by Dr. Ajay B Harish. We are a part of the Modeling and Simulation Group in the Department of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering (MACE) at the University of Manchester (UK).

My lab's vision is to transform applicability of computing methods in

expertise lies in the development of numerical methods to leverage high-performance computing. In this regard, we develop data-driven and physics-based simulation models to study a wide variety of problems ranging from oceanic processes, water-borne hazards and cardiovascular engineering.

The developed models use theories of continuum mechanics at various length and timescales. I use computational techniques like the Neural networks, PINNs, Finite Element Method (structures) and Finite Volume Method (fluids) to build research tools that leverage high-performance computing. Check out the Research section for more information.

Most of the developed numerical methods are being converted into research tools and are available for download from the Software page. The shared codes are free for academic usage.

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30. Jan 2022
Check out an available Ph.D. vacancy in my lab. The project aims to develop novel Deep Learning techniques for fluid-structure interaction problems related to hydrodynamics.

17. Jan 2022
I have officially started as a Lecturer at the University of Manchester (UK)

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