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NOTE: This website is no longer being updated. Please visit my updated site. I will transition this domain to my new site soon.

I am a post-doc with Prof. Sanjay Govindjee at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at UC Berkeley and Dr. Frank McKenna at the NHERI SimCenter.

Continuum mechanics has wide applicability to explain the problems in solid and fluid mechanics. It provides the basic relations to explain all mechanical phenomenon. I have applied computational continuum mechanics ideas to study various problems in natural hazards engineering, deployable space structures, and non-exhaust emissions, among others.

I develop numerical methods and computational models that facilitate the exploration of theories of continuum mechanics at various length and timescales. I use computational techniques like the Finite Element Method (structures) and Finite Volume Method (fluids) to build tools to answer scientific questions that I deem most important. Check out the Research section for more information.

My office is located in the NHERI SimCenter at Richmond Field Station, UC Berkeley. However, due to COVID, the best way to reach me is via email.


25. Jan 2021

Check my recent paper Mathematics of Stable Tensegrity Structures pre-print on arXiv

01. Jan 2021

Check my recent paper Automated 3D solid reconstruction from 2D CAD using OpenCV pre-print on arXiv

04. Dec 2020

I have been selected as a reviewer and evaluator for the SMART scholarship program of the Department of Defense (DoD)

02. Dec 2020

I will be attending the the CISM school on Advanced Topics in Computational Mechanics to be held on on 07-10 Dec 2020. I am very excited about it!

02. Dec 2020

Three chapters co-authored by me is in the technical report on tsunami, storm-surge and CFD for water in the State-of-Art Report in Computational Modeling and Simulation (2020)

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